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The Inside Edge Project

 The Inside Edge Project brings a counter-intuitive approach to high-performance based on connection, instinct and enjoyment. We are born into a world that tells us our value as a person is based on outcomes achieved, leading to a constant search for the next edge. This out-to-in version of success has led to a significant increase in fear-based cultures, performance anxiety and poor mental health. These themes are universal, we are all searching for connection, purpose and unconditional love. The problem is that we are searching for these needs outside of us. Rather than being defined by what we achieve, through the Inside Edge Project, we look to redefine performance as bringing all of yourself to each moment. Approaching it with fluidity & curiosity rather than rigidity and over-control. The purpose? To help individuals & cultures shift their perspective, lead with purpose and perform with freedom.


Find Your Inside Edge


Performance coaching and masterclasses to help individuals, teams and leaders to develop the mental skills to find stillness in high-pressure environments. A counter-intuitive approach that helps the athlete leverage their Inside Edge to separate their self-worth from their results, allowing fear & burnout to shift towards freedom & enjoyment.


Guest speaking & workshops that help students overcome the outside-in mindset that often leads to perfectionism, fear and a need for the approval of others. Bhavi uses lessons learnt from an unexpected journey as an athlete that spans from visiting an orphanage in India, to playing with some of the best athletes of all time. Best suited for leadership groups & sport teams.


 Calm, Focus & Trust – all skills crucial to performing under pressure and all are ingrained in the world of an athlete.  Using the lessons learnt from over 10 years in elite sport, Bhavi interweaves the principles of high performance and well being to deliver masterclasses to help the Corporate Athlete handle high-stress environments, while maintaining the sharp focus required to produce outcomes when it matters.


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What Others Say

"An amazing, meaningful presentation conveyed by an eloquent, engaging presenter. 5 stars!"

Vanessa Thurgate – Teacher at Swan Christan College

"The preparation, content and delivery was both professional and engaging for both squads."

Andy Stewart – Wanneroo DCC Head of Female Cricket

"The material that was presented was clear, concise and easy to understand. Well done Bhavi on a powerful and impactful presentation."

Peter Byrne – Coach at Wanneroo Districts CC

"Bhavi spoke with a virtual audience of 30+ and was inspiring and relatable with some easy-to-digest pearls of wisdom."

Amazon Human Resources – Liz McKay

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