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Bhavi delivered 2 sessions for our 14’s and 17’s Female Academy squads. The preparation, content and delivery was both professional and engaging for both squads.

Bhavi’s understanding of the complex area of human behaviour, psychology and how this impacts on sport preparation and performance was of a very high standard. The topics were broken down into manageable and easy to follow steps reinforced with ongoing feedback and valuable participation throughout the sessions.

Both squads felt the sessions were an ideal learning environment and were keen to know more to improve themselves.

I strongly recommend and value Bhavi as both an excellent learning facilitator and as an elite sportsperson who knows both her strengths and weaknesses.

Andy Stewart

Head of Female Cricket, Wanneroo DCC

The material that was presented was clear, concise and easy to understand. I felt it was well framed for girls in this age group. The concepts covered were fairly high order, but Bhavi did an excellent job of presenting them in terms that everyone could understand.

The simple Performance equation and the three step process for reducing distraction and interference were excellent – easy to remember and simple to do.

The interactive elements through Slido were outstanding. It gave me, as a coach, an instant insight into the way our players are feeling in certain games situations. The fact that the girls could offer this in a safe and anonymous space was excellent – it would also have been reassuring for the players to know others feel exactly the same way.

I was able to pick up the themes of the presentation immediately during the U14 training session that followed the presentation. I will return to the themes over the remainder of the season.

Well done Bhavi on a powerful and impactful presentation.

Peter Byrne

Coach, Wanneroo Districts CC


Bhavi delivered an inspiring message of Team, Trust and safety through a personal journey that captivated the audience with presence and relatability. The message of working towards a goal as a definition of success was relevant to every person sitting in the room, teachers, prac students and the year 9 co-hort alike and was delivered with a sporting, yet entirely relatable context.

Linking SCC’s year 9 story and challenge program she spoke through her cricketing story detailing the highlights and challenges she has faced. Bhavi talked about how her personal values, support network and pursuit of excellence has carried her through adversities and growth to a place where we saw a confident and captivating message of success shine through.

Her time management skills were impeccable which only added to the respect this young lady was able to develop during her delivery. Her presentation slides were clear and relevant and added a visual reference to the journey she was describing. Her voice was strong and personable enabling every member of the audience to hear and immerse themselves in her clear message.

An amazing, meaningful presentation conveyed by an eloquent, engaging presenter. 5 stars!

Vanessa Thurgate

Teacher, Swan Christian College

Bhavi spoke with a virtual audience of 30+ and was inspiring and relatable with some easy-to-digest pearls of wisdom.

Liz McKay

Human Resources, Amazon

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