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Cricket Mentoring Article

I’ve always been a battler. In 8 years as a contracted cricketer, I only played 22 games, with a small handful of them batting or bowling in an important position. Yet somehow, the passion to keep working to finally ‘crack it’ never faltered. Whether it was training as much as possible, studying the latest fitness trends, or spending thousands of hours reading or listening to everything related to the mental side of sport.

My efforts certainly had a positive impact. In 2017-18 I ran the drinks in every game in the season and had very poor numbers in grade cricket. In 2018-19 I played every WNCL game, made my WBBL debut and finished the season as the top wicket-taker, and 50 over champion player in the Perth grade competition. I was feeling pretty good with where I was, but still wanted more and spent the offseason planning how to continue the search for the 2019-20 season.